Monday, March 15, 2010

Daily Life 017: The Fence

More new boots... What can I say? My daughter loves shoes. And she's not a baby anymore, she's a big girl now. Today when I got home from work, Amy and Abby were outside sitting on the porch swing. Abby has on a red sweatshirt (over a Batman T-shirt), purple flowered pants, bright yellow puddle jumpers with monkeys on them, and quite possibly the ugliest greenish-yellow felt bunny hat... ever. Apparently, she's been very into opening and closing the fence gate into the backyard today. She spent a couple of minutes showing me (over and over) how good she was at it until we walked across the boggy ground to the shed so I could give her rides in the wagon.

The one nice thing about this ridiculous time change, is that there is still plenty of daylight after work to do a little playing outside before time to make supper.


Justin Hunter said...

The ink brush looks great. It adds a totally new life to your work. It works really well with your art

Nance said...

As a grandmother, I'm naturally more focused on Abby than Art! She has a real fashion sense and, as a budding feminist, she understands the importance of gateways. The girl's alright! And she's going to love having an art archive of her childhood.