Saturday, May 29, 2010

Daily Life 018: Rocking Chair

There are so many things that I love about Abby growing up into a big kid. She's so much fun to play with, and she's so loving, smart, funny, and ... did I mention already how much fun she is? There's so many things that I enjoy about her now, that I'd forgotten some of the things I enjoyed about when she was a little baby.

Like how much I enjoy sitting quietly and rocking a sleeping baby in the rocking chair. Olivia turns a month old tomorrow, where does the time go?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Cover: American Artifacts

Hey all! Another short post tonite, I'm afraid... been a busy weekend, it's late, and I'm exhausted.

We put a new counter-top, and cabinets in our kitchen this weekend. It really opens up the space a lot, and increases the usable work space there significantly. There will be a couple of storage issues to deal with (mostly just changes to be made), but I think that's nothing we can't handle. It made me think about those home renovation shows where they do a whole room/project in a weekend, and I can't help but wonder just how tired they must be at the end of it... of course, they have a lot of people helping... and I don't think I ever saw a two-year-old and a newborn on the set of any of those shows. But still!

In other news, I also finished another cover for the guys over at Hex games last night: American Artifacts, a collection of distinctly American magical items.

When you think of magical artifacts, you probably think of magic wands, or gold rings, or weapons--King Arthur's sword Excalibur, maybe, or the Ring of the Nibelung. Wands and rings and swords were all well and good for the Old World, but this is America, and a New World demands a new style of artifact. There are a few swords scattered across these fifty states, but you're more likely to find a magic gun, like Elvis's Golden Gun, or an enchanted locomotive, like Lincoln's Funeral Train.

I'm always interested in showing some of the process (and I hope you don't mind looking), so here's the cover in various states of doneness...

Here's the Pencils. The brief was that they wanted a picture of Robert Johnson "all bluesy looking, with sinister demonic forces swirling in the background." It's sort of halfway between a tightish layout, and really loose. Usually I do a little bit of editing and refining in the inking stage, as well as adding in some details. I also wrote in the title of the game at the top, as a reminder to leave room for it... It would kind of stink to end up covering up big chunks of the illustration because I forgot to leave room for the title. Ha-ha-ha!

I do the inking with both a technical pen, and a brush. All of Robert Johnson was done with the brush, and I really like the organic line quality that the brush lends. I didn't go too crazy with the details and rendering, because that would be taken care of with coloring anyway.
I had a lot of fun coloring this one, and I think the colored illustrations are getting better each time.
And the final cover with the logo that I designed as well. You can pick up a pdf version of your very own at the Hex Games online store here .

I'm going to try to get a couple of more posts in this week. I do have some new Daily Lifes, to put up as well as some pictures... still working on getting into a new rythm. Until next time, take care and be good.

Your friend,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Latest Cover for Hex

Wow. Can you believe May's half over already? The first two weeks of the new month have been hectic, to say the least. We repainted the kitchen (and are getting ready to put in a new counter and some new cabinets), Olivia was born, Abby and I got sick, Olivia got her first cold (poor thing, but she's taking it like a trooper), and I got some more work from the guys over at hex that I'm really excited about. Tonite's going to be a short post, because I'm diligently working on a cover and interior, but I thought I'd share the last cover I did for them. It was for a game called "The Pytheas Club", and is set in Victorian England. The story revolves around a British gentleman adventurers club, and the exploration, intrigue and espionage that goes into expanding the British empire.
The pencils...
and the final cover. I also did the logo and cover layout.

If you haven't bought it yet, you can pick up the electronic version at Drivethru RPG, and if you have picked it up, go ahead and do it again! Seriously, though... the game is a really good and interesting read, and totally worth it.

Until next time, take care and be good!
Your friend,

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My latest collaborative project with my wife.

Short post today, because I am exhausted... It's been a long weekend, but I wanted to share the completion (or the beginning) of my latest collaboration with my wife, Amy. Baby Olivia was born on Friday morning at 9:30 in the morning. Beautiful little girl with more hair than Abby had when she was one.
It's been a wonderful, slow weekend with plenty of time spent with the girls. Holding Olivia, and playing with Abby, chatting with my parents, and repainting the kitchen with my Mom. It's going to be a bit for us the adjust to this new rhythm, but Abby seems to be taking a shine to her new sister (or at least she's curious about her, Ha-ha-ha!) so hopefully that's a good sign that the transition will go smoothly.
I think I have to mow the lawn tomorrow...Hopefully it just rains, instead.

Until next time, take care and be good.
Your friend,