Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Self Portrait 50 of 100: Illustration Friday, Clique

So the topic for Illustration friday this week is "Clique". There's such a negative connotation with that word... I feel like when most people think of a clique, they think of those bitchy groups of friends like on "Heathers" of "Mean Girls". Well, obviously I'm not pretty enough to be involved with that type of group, but there are other groups out there that can be just as tight but are more open and (for lack of a better word) loving.

Often when we get together with a lot of friends, and their children, this is where I can be found. I love my daughter, and my neices and nephews (actually related or not) and we have a ton of fun playing, drawing and roughhousing together. So I guess that's my clique... We're bonded by love and similar interests and sometimes it can be difficult to break in on that.

As a side note, my friend Ryan finally started his sketch blog yesterday. If you have a minute, you should really check it out here. He's so talented, and I think you all will love his work.

Until next time then, Take care and be good!
Your friend

Monday, September 22, 2008

Self Portrait 49 of 100

So this is the last page of the sketchbook that I've been working out of. It took me just over a year to get through it. I don't know how I feel about that. It's not like every drawing that I did this year was in this book... I don't know, I struggle with this a lot. There's so much balancing in my life. My family, Daughter, Friends, Work, and art... sometimes I'm really envious of those kids that could focus on their art, and are sooo awesome at it.

Looking at what I would have to give up for it though, I know it just would not be worth it.

This is just a quick warm-up drawing I did before getting to work. I don't know if I mentioned in an earlier post about how excited I am to have discovered my markers recently, but I am. I really like the bold immediacy of them, and how easy it is to make little graphic elements in my sketches with them.

Thanks as always for looking guys and girls! And if you want to see some of the other stuff that I've been doing in my sketchbook for the last year, you can check it out on conceptart.org

Take care and be good!
Your friend

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Self Portrait 48 of 100: I really should change the name of my blog.

Yeah... So this is pretty embarrassing. I think my last post was in July. In my defense, I have been pretty busy. I picked up some freelance work, am working on an independent IP with an old friend, and am finishing up the prologue for my comic book story which will be published as a bonus feature with my friend Mario's, "Pagan Zoetrope". I'm updating my web stuff (myspace, website, etc.) next week with more info on it, but I'm VERY excited about the project.

So on the other hand... we got cable. I've totally blown more than one night just skipping from one movie to the other. As much as I enjoy watching movies, I won't miss it when it's gone.

This drawing was done with the mirror on the floor. Just trying to explore some new viewpoints.

Thanks for looking and sharing my drawings with me. I know it's foolish to try to promise to get back to everyday... I think that ship has sailed and we all know it, but maybe we can try to get together a couple of times a week at least.

Until next time, Take care and be good!
Your friend