Monday, April 26, 2010

One More Picture 002: Laumeier Sculpture Park

You might have noticed that today is a One MO picture, instead of Daily Life. I've got a reason for that, Ha-ha-ha! The Norton on my computer decides to scan every Monday night, and this just kills the processor speed... Which makes painting on the computer take longer than it needs to. I know what you're saying, why don't I just do the painting before Monday nite? Well, as my friend Crystal would say about me... I don't seem like a procrastinator, but I am.

So. This week, One MO Picture is the front steps of the main building at Laumeier Sculpture Park, in Saint Louis. On our first date, Amy and I went here, and there was a wedding. Then three years later, we got married here too. This picture was taken on a wet day in February of this year, and I got in trouble for letting Abby wear her new sandals... they got muddy. Fortunately, Amy had the foresight to make me change her out of her (also new) white dress sandals. I think my wife thinks I'm an idiot sometimes... I guess that maybe sometimes I do have to give her that one.

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1 comment:

Nance said...

Is it just me or do those steps seem to be...detached? Floating free of the house? Is it perspective or did they make a break for it?

Lovely place for a wedding, though. The perfect platform.