Saturday, May 29, 2010

Daily Life 018: Rocking Chair

There are so many things that I love about Abby growing up into a big kid. She's so much fun to play with, and she's so loving, smart, funny, and ... did I mention already how much fun she is? There's so many things that I enjoy about her now, that I'd forgotten some of the things I enjoyed about when she was a little baby.

Like how much I enjoy sitting quietly and rocking a sleeping baby in the rocking chair. Olivia turns a month old tomorrow, where does the time go?

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Nance said...

Jeffrey, I love this! And your comment on my post, The Wedding Bends, evoked a whole 'nother post for me. I'm linking to Rocking Chair and would like to repost your drawing with full credit there. If not, just sending readers over will do. I think you have my email address, so let me know. This is so sweet and such an antidote to the crazy stuff out there.