Friday, October 8, 2010

Daily Life 023: Drawing

A couple of months ago, we gave Abby a spiral notebook to use as a journal. She likes to draw her name, her hands elaborate, multicolored, scribbly compositions... We gave her a sheet of stickers which she happily used to fill the pages of her journal with a fascination combination of neat rows and layered smiley faces, stars and dogs saying "GOOD JOB!". The point is, she draws in the book, and (usually) not on the walls or bills.

Sometimes when shes sitting at the table drawing, I'll get my book out and draw too. Abby will lean over the table, balancing precariously on one foot and ask "What you drawing, daddy?" in her little voice. This particular time I was drawing her, drawing. "You drawing Abby drawing... daddy?" Yes, most answers are repeated as new questions. This is a sign that she will soon be shoving her journal toward me and demanding drawings of cars, or animals, or Shrek. Which results in a mad dash to get down a passable likeness before she turns the page and demands something different.

And you complain that your boss wants stuff done fast?


Loulou La Poule said...

She's really growing up, isn't she?! And becoming effectively verbal, too. She will value what her Mommy and Daddy value, which means that art will be a very big part of her life.

I know what you mean about tough bosses. We're in San Diego right now, visiting the High and Exalted One. It's hopeless; I cannot keep up with his flights of fancy, especially with a bum hip. He's learned to go easy on me physically (with boys at 3, even a hug can be damaging!), but, mentally, he's running rings around me, too!

Love your pictures of Abby!

Stav88os said...