Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All Stars: Vice Squad

Cover art for the All Stars vice squad game supplement coming soon from Hex Games.

This is actually the second cover in the All Stars series, the first one was by the super talented Lindsay Hornsby. I didn't try to match her art style, but did use her color palette. It was strange seeing the color choices that another artist used and thinking about how I would have done it differently. The two biggest differences are that her skin tone is very yellow while mine leans more toward reddish orange. And the over all tone is purple, where I usually go with a dark blue or red.

Like I said, the differences are interesting to me. Hope you like it!


Nance said...

Ah, but those faces are pure Red Herring!

sketcheth said...

I think it's a real strength being able to be analytical about your work and figure out why you do things and why you don't. Keep it up, Jeff! Also, thanks for the comment on my blog, I'll be making an effort to try that software out!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Neat stuff

Red Herring Jeff said...

Thanks guys!