Monday, October 10, 2011

Costumes from last weeks convention

I know you've all been just dying to see some of the costumes from Archon last week. I took a lot more photos than I realized, ha-ha-ha! One of these days, I'll get around to writing more in my posts again, but not today. I'm leaning toward the idea that maybe it's better to do more posts with fewer words than sporadic posts with a lot of rambling thoughts anyway.

Over all, I was really impressed with the costumes this year.
The girl in the brown dress was actually a vendor, and was really caught off guard when I asked for her picture. Ha-ha-ha!
That little girl Captain America was super cute. Her mom said that she was getting frustrated because everyone kept calling her Wonder Woman. She was looking all over for the adult Captain America so she could get her picture with him. I wish I'd been there for that meeting! :)
The Twilight Zone costume was really cool.
Lot's of Dr Who's this year. The white mage from final fantasy was also really nice.

The girl Cosplaying as Kaylee from Firefly was a dead ringer. And check out that awesome Ghostbusters costume!
A couple more Avatar characters, the greatest nintendo controller ever, and... r2-d2?

It was a great con, I sold some drawings got to meet a great local comic group that hopefully I'll be doing some work with soon, picked up a couple of commissions, and go to drink free beer with my friends. Not too shabby.
Until next time, take care and be good!
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Nance said...

My favorite was the Ghostbuster's backpack--I'll bet that was FUN to put together.