Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Vector Animals

Before I start getting railed about not having a decent background, or even for reusing the same one twice, I would like to assure you all that these are destined for a bigger illustration, with some sort of real background. I just wanted something to set them apart from the white square for the time being.

So, here's another animal band member. I know keytar is not most peoples first choice for a first backup instrument, but here's the story. I was thinking about where I wanted to go with this set ultimately, and thought it would be funny to have a keytar... eventually. Well, I was talking to Amy and mentioned it, wondering what animal I should have playing it. I had no ideas really, but wanted it to be funny. Well she said, "How about a goat?" Ha-ha! How awesome is that? Probably the most METAL animal you could think of, and he's playing the keytar!? Needless to say, I got really excited about the idea, and had to do the ketarist next. I hope you enjoy him.

Thanks for looking!
Your friend
Jeffrey Johnson

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Badger said...

These are awesome KC, i love the movement! MASSIVLY BELATED HAPPY NEW YEAR!!