Sunday, April 12, 2009

Abigail and the Doom Crew: The Mountain King

...And he was a fierce, seemingly unstoppable warrior. However, there was a regretful sadness in his eyes.

So I started working on the Promo/Style document for the Abigail and the Doom Crew story. This is partly a way (I guess) to put off some of the work on the actual comic, but also I need to get my thoughts together about the story as a whole (Major characters, Plot summary, Future plans, and Back story). This also is going to work double duty as a design portfolio project, and elements for my web presence/marketing for the finished book. Mario is putting in so much work, and we really need to be able to be unified in our promo efforts.

First character is the Mountain King. The first member of the Doom Crew that young Abigail confronts. He is the keeper of the Scepter of Power, as well as some closely guarded secrets that will help shape our young protagonist. I'm really excited about this first story arc, and am in the first stages of writing it, but there are a couple of kinks that I still have to work out.

This is my first pencil drawing of the character, with some graphics to go along with him.
Today, I did a clean ink line drawing of him that I am going to use to make a colored graphic of him. I also did the Rhino silhouette to use as a graphic element alongside the others in the promo materials. (I did not do the bird in that graphic, I got it out of a free vector sample pack from GoMediaZine. Which is a really cool design company and blog that I am planning on featuring soon.) I still need to do some final icons for the mountain element, as well as some sample patterns and color guides for the Mountain style. So that is my goal for this week, and then I am moving on to Water.

Okay, that's it for right now. Until next time, take care and be good!

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Ryan Bowlin said...

It's a me! lol The blog is really moving along quite well, Jeff. I'm proud of all the progress you've been making. Definitely a lot of informative stuff in here, man. Keep it going!