Sunday, April 26, 2009


So, I have a confession to make this post. I was going to get more work done this weekend to show you all, but all I have is this linework drawing of Abigail... That I did tonight. Okay, I started it last night, but that's not really the point. I got "Rampage: Total Destruction" for my PS2, and while it IS Laser Awesome, I also wasted about 4 hours and was up until two in the morning playing it. On the more productive side of things though, I did get the first four pages of the script for the next issue of the Doom Crew comic written this week. I'm trying to avoid a punch in the stomach from my friend Justin, LOL.

I feel like I've been showing a lot of works in progress, without having much finished work, or even getting to the finished stuff, lately. I just wanted to let you all know that I noticed the backlog of unfinished work too.
Some more promo document work here. This is the main character abigail. I thought about showing the reference photo I took for this drawing... but decided to spare us all that embarrassment. I have a pretty good Idea where I want to go with this illustration, and I'm pretty excited about experimenting with some of these new ideas! Hopefully, I'll have something more to show and talk to you about that soon.

I did this illustration to put in the artshow at the Archon science-fiction, and gaming convention last year in Collinsville, IL. It's a little earlier incarnation of the Abigail character. It's always interesting to me to look back a little ways, and see whether I've grown. I don't think I'd do this illustration the same way now that I did then, so I have to say that I'm in a different place today. That is part of what this search is all about.

I have one last thing before I go. I'm thinking about changing the name of this blog... I know in the grand scheme of things that the name dosen't really matter, but there we are. The original intent has changed, and I think I have too, so I don't really think that the current name really reflects the nature of what this is about. Just wanted to give you all a heads up. It may be a week away, or a month, or just three days. I'm not sure yet. I'm still mulling it over. Do I take this thing too seriously?

Until next time, take care and be good!
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