Sunday, September 27, 2009

Started serious work this week on the second of the Doom crew, Badger lord of the forest.
There's a couple of ideas that I haven't quite nailed down yet. The scarf and name, I got from my friend Josh "Badger" Atack. The initial idea for the doom crew characters came from a group of artists that I was friends with over on CA, with the eight major antagonists being very loosely based on them. I also like the idea of him having these big baroque, Steam-punkish power claws. The bomb is just an idea I'm toying with. It's kind of a cool visual element, but I'm not really sure how it jives with the character.
Until tomorrow then, take care and be good!
Your friend


Badger said...

Go wild KC, the more badgers the better! I like where you are going with this, bear in mind my badger is meles meles, a eurasian badger, you guys don't get them over there. Super cool work, i love the way you've covered a page, shows the ideas flowing.

Hope you are well KC!!

kingcoyote said...

Ah! there is a bit of a difference between the two, isn't there. I just looked up the meles meles, and compared with my reference pics, and mine are definately north american...

Jason said...

well sir consider my pants kicked! Thanks for that and your right... all my life I have wanted an area I can do art and be free to do what I do, now I have it and I don't use it!! I have realized I have given myself an excuse to not draw or do anything, and I am really the only one who is suffering for it. hopefully I will have something to post this weekend...nay! I WILL HAVE SOMETHING TO POST!!

Thanks again!