Sunday, November 29, 2009

Little Website Preview

I noticed I haven't updated in awhile. Been busy with getting things ready for the baby and Abby's transition to big sister, the holidays, freelance work, and the preparations for going freelance full time. I have a couple of new "Daily Life" episodes in the pipe line, but I'm not really sure when I'm going to have them finished to post. In fact, while I might get one or two in December, I think I'm going to officially take a break until the new year and come back strong with some format changes, all new content, and maybe some other little suprises.
Until then, here's a little preview of the Redherring website redesign that I'm in the middle of. I hope to have it all done to launch the first of the year as well.

Until I talk at you again, Take care and be good!
Your friend,


Ryan Bowlin said...

Loving the site redesign! I remember seeing this when I was home. It's really speaking to your style and I think is going to help sell you on customers. Great work, man.

Nance said...

Ready and waiting for that baby (due date?) and your return to posting.

kingcoyote said...

Hey Ry! It's coming along. I still have just a little bit more to do before I have to just live with what I've got and publish it... then I can start updating and refining from there.

Thanks for stopping in Nance! Baby's due at the end of April. I'll start posting again this week. LOL, I didn't really get as much done over my break as I wanted to, but I think the people who say they did are liars. Ha-ha-ha!