Monday, January 25, 2010

Daily Life 012: Abby the Explorer

Christmas morning on the way out the door to drive to Warrensburg and see Grammy. Abby was all dressed in her PJs with a winter coat, hat and (of course) her cowboy boots. Also the Santa lantern that Daddy Jim had given her on Christmas Eve... While Amy was watching her step out the door, she commented that Abby looked like a little explorer.


Nance said...

That's precious and perfect! Love the little tongue out. Can I send a pic of my grandson and have you draw it up? There's a shot of him in his new Elmo undies, a towel cape, and a Wolverine half-mask...fierce baby scowl as he toughs up for action. Your kids (not all entirely manifested as yet, I presume)are so lucky to have you capture them so personally...they'll really appreciate it when they're older.

kingcoyote said...

Ha-ha! Kids are great, when I started this segment of my blog, I didn't realize how much Abby (and pretty soon Bailey) would dominate it. They really DO fill our lives in a way that I never thought was possible before. Thanks Nance.

Yeah, shoot me the pic in an e-mail, and I'll see what I can do.