Sunday, January 31, 2010

So. After last Mondays post, I actually took the time to look and saw that I had miscounted my posts by 3. While we are Close to the 100 mark, we're not as close as I'd thought. This actually came as somewhat of a relief to me, because there are things I would like to include in that post that I haven't really had the time to deal with this week... Been busy.

This week, I was looking through the archives to see if there was anything that I had neither shown you all yet, and that I was ready to post. I know (and I knew before she said anything) that that is incorrect gramatically, but my wife (standing behind me) felt compelled to correct me, so I feel compelled to spite her. I have a couple of older images to share.

This first one I did about five years ago as a thank you card for a family friend. Once or twice a year, he goes to Haiti as part of a medical mission.
The second image is a t-shirt design I did last year for the organization to use as part of their fund raising for the 2009 trip.
Last I heard, their trip that was scheduled for this February has been postponed until March, due to current events in that part of the world.

Wow. This was a really horribly written post. Ugh. Until tomorrow... Take care and be good.

Your friend,

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Nance said...

Jeffrey, can I post your first Haiti picture on my blog with credits and raves? My readership is still small, but word-of-blog is a viable sales technique, obviously. Feel free to email your response to, rather than answer it here. I have a couple of other questions, too. And, hey, at least you know when you're not displaying grammar skills as your highest priority.