Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Daily Life 019: Whirley Gigs

One of the things that amazes me about my little two-year-old, is seeing the open wonder with the world around her, and watching her make connections between one thing and the next. This spring, as the days got a little longer, the sun would finally still be up when we got home from work and school. This would give us just a little bit of time between the car, the mailbox, and the front door to notice the little whirley gig (or helicopter) seeds all over the driveway. So, we'd pick a few up, and test them out. By the time all of the seeds were finally gone for the year, she'd gotten at least good enough at tossing them that they'd actually spin a bit before plummeting to the ground.

I think that's a success.

This is actually an older one, (notice I'd shaved my beard off for a little while...I think I'd just finally gotten my hair cut, too! Ha-ha-ha!) from the beginning of April. It's taken a little bit of time getting adjusted to Olivia being in our family, but things are starting to settle down a bit, so hopefully I can be a bit more regular again. Thanks for bearing with me.

Until next time, take care and be good.
Your friend


Loulou La Poule said...

Jeffrey, I love the whirley-gig pictures and this post! When we're in CA, there are huge seeds all over the playground we take our grandson to. He calls them hedicopper seeds. He stands at the top of the ladder to the sliding board and our job is to keep the seed supply coming so he can launch an entire four-ship at a time.

When I missed your posts, I knew Miss O. was carving a little space for herself in your lives. Bless her sweet little self.

Thank you so much for turning up on Hen's Teeth! You're going to have three new mothers (plus Amanda) cheerleading for you and yours now. Like my new pseudonym? And, I'm angling for compliments on the header (took me FORFLIPPINEVER!!).

Love to all your girls!
Nance (a.k.a. Loulou

Amanda Rose said...

I LOVED helicopter seeds as a little girl; I still pick up at least one each year...

Sweet post/story, Jeffrey. I enjoy reading/seeing my high school friends as parents, and being able to see a few things (as I can) through their eyes. I have to say though, it's more fun with the guys...those of you who are now fathers. Endearing & sweet. Thank you for sharing your girls :).

Admission: I've missed being able to read and therefore selfishly okay with your time having been occupied.