Monday, December 19, 2011

2012 Handmade Family Calendar

The 2012 Handmade Family Calendar is finally here!

Featuring scenes from Akira, Empire Strikes Back, Firefly: Serenity, Ghostbusters, The Legend of Zelda, Megaman, My Neighbor Totoro, Sesame Street, Spiderman, Star Wars, Tron, and Where the Wild Things Are.

The concept behind this years calendars is movies and dress up. Mr Handmade chose 12 of his favorite movies shows and video games, and illustrated them...with a twist. He came up with a set of rules. The kids would be the main protagonists, and would get accurate, high quality costumes for their scenes. Adults would take supporting roles, and their costumes would be thrown together. The settings for the scenes would also be things from around the house, We wanted them to be plausible, but also obvious what it is supposed to be.

We're really excited about this one, and love how well it all printed! Something that I planned for this year is the reusability of the images. I wanted all the pictures to be able to be removed from the calendar as a whole and be used as pictures for the kids rooms, without there being holes visible on them.

Calendars are available in our Online Store at, at Fusion in Chesterfield mall, at E.L. Riley in downtown Kirkwood, or at I Am What I Am On Mainstreet in mainsteet Saint Charles.

Until next time, take care and be good!

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Nance said...

This was one of my Christmas gifts to my daughter's family in San Diego. They're Costume Central at their house. My grandson Liam's most prized possessions are his many super-hero costumes. His parents are do-it-from-scratch costumers each Halloween and often have costume parties at other times of the year. And, lastly, my son-in-law is a real, live Navy super-hero. This is perfect for them!

It's an awesome job, Jeffrey. Beautiful illustrations, wonderful coloring. Good on ya!

Red Herring Jeff said...

I'm so excited about this one. Not only am I really happy with how they all came out, but also that I managed to get it done before Christmas. The last couple of weeks were grueling. I put hers in the mail this evening, and it should get there with a little bit of time to spare.

Thank you so much for your support, Nance! I'm not sure I would have gotten it done if it wasn't for you!

Keith said...

That is, to quote an Ohio friend, " freaking sweet ". Love your Doc Oc costume.

Keith said...

Happy 2012 to you all over there.

Red Herring Jeff said...

Thanks Keith! So glad you like it! Happy 2012 to you as well. I think it might just be a great new year!