Saturday, July 5, 2008

Self Portrait 47 of 100


This started out life as a topic illustration for illustration friday "Sour". I felt like it was a good oppourtunity to do some "Acting" and get some facial expressions going. I think I look more like an irritated old man than somebody who ate something sour.

Sometimes this is really frustrating...
I guess I'll try again later.
Your friend

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Badger said...

Hey Jeffery! you found me, how on earth did you do that :P

No, no plans as of yet, get some awful job to earn some money i think and carry on drawing.

The face is nice, but remember when you are working with line each line is very very very telling, so you need to edit your emphasis to the point of the picture. thats what i've found anyway from trying to do political illos.

Glad you are well!!