Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Self Portrait 50 of 100: Illustration Friday, Clique

So the topic for Illustration friday this week is "Clique". There's such a negative connotation with that word... I feel like when most people think of a clique, they think of those bitchy groups of friends like on "Heathers" of "Mean Girls". Well, obviously I'm not pretty enough to be involved with that type of group, but there are other groups out there that can be just as tight but are more open and (for lack of a better word) loving.

Often when we get together with a lot of friends, and their children, this is where I can be found. I love my daughter, and my neices and nephews (actually related or not) and we have a ton of fun playing, drawing and roughhousing together. So I guess that's my clique... We're bonded by love and similar interests and sometimes it can be difficult to break in on that.

As a side note, my friend Ryan finally started his sketch blog yesterday. If you have a minute, you should really check it out here. He's so talented, and I think you all will love his work.

Until next time then, Take care and be good!
Your friend


Denise Gallagher said...

Reminds me of myself...
I love sitting on the floor with the kids, with some paper and a bunch of crayons!

And I love the concept of 100 self portraits...
I enjoyed checking them all out.
I especially like the one of you and your baby!
Great job!

Thanks so much for your kind comment...
sorry it took me so long to reply!


Ryan Bowlin said...

I've seen this update already! Looks pretty fun tho. I'm inferring from this post that you're wanting to have more children! And soon! lol

The only complaint I really have is that the perspective seems a little strange to me. His legs seem to stretch back quite a bit. And I wanna see you finish the environment more! You should really post some of your comic pages for the blog peepz to see! Looking forward to more updates.

PS: I hit mine up with an update finally after noodling on something tonight...

kingcoyote said...

Ha-ha! Ryan, you're right about the foreshortening being a bit off. I hate to admit this, but this one was mostly a real quickie that I did while putting off some other things that I was supposed to be doing. Thanks for calling me on it, though. Aaaaand, you're totally right about the background. I'm ashamed at the shabby treatment that I gave it. I'll try to make a point of considering the background more in the future.