Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Self Portrait 53 of 100: Illustration Friday, Repair

Another drawing for Illustration Friday. This weeks topic is "Repair".

A lot of my time working at Walmart was spent repairing stuff in assembly. A lot of things got broken, and I had plenty of time on my hands back there. One good way to kill time was to take things apart and put them back together again. I used to say that I hated working there, but looking back on it I think I was just bored a lot of the time.

I'm going back and forth about whether I think this is a good drawing or not. There's a bunch of things I like about it, but there are some things that are bugging me. Will there ever be a time when that's not true though? Ryan, I tried to put a little bit of effort into the background today, but it's getting late, I need to go to bed, and it's already almost another Friday (Just two more days) so I couldn't put this off any longer.

I hope you all are doing well, and I look forward to talking at you again soon!
Your friend

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Ryan Bowlin said...

Hey! Long time no posty! Is that cartoon version of you still working on that bike?! ;o)