Friday, February 5, 2010

Daily Life 013: Gravel on Satin

This is the international sign for "Holy crap this hurts/something's wrong inside of me!". If some guy is making this gesture because he just got hit in the nuts by a rogue baseball, while watching a Little League game... funny. If it's your wife, and she's six months pregnant... not funny. Actually, it's a little more on the alarming side.

Last weekend, Amy called me upstairs, in too much pain to even talk. She insisted that we didn't need to go to the ER. LOL. "It's probably nothing, and they'll think I'm a baby." God love her, she does NOT want to be one of those pregnant women that calls the doctor for just anything... Long story short, after four hours(ish) in the ER, we find out what the deal is. Gall Stones.

The doctor described the gall bladder contracting to release bile into the stomach (triggered by fatty foods) as two satin sheets sliding past each other... Throw a handful of gravel in the bed though, and it's a little less... um... luxurious. If she wasn't pregnant, the solution would be simple. Instead, we're moving towards a low fat diet, and painkillers as needed. Which fortunately isn't often.

On the plus side, I got to watch the last half of the new (meaning not filmed in the 70's) "Freaky Friday" movie, and most of "George of the Jungle"... The good times just never end.


Nance said...

Whew! Around the end of the first paragraph, I was getting worried! Not that gall stones are a relief, know.

Amanda Rose said...

Oh dear... Hope she & the baby are both doing well/better!!