Monday, February 8, 2010

Daily Life 014: A Tale of Four Penguins

Two-year-olds are funny people.

We went to the Zoo this weekend, and watched the penguin parade. All of the penguins marched out the back of their habitat, down the side-walk, and back into the front. Strutting their stuff, waving, straining their necks... one even laid down to take a nap in the sun. Abby loved it. She was so excited that Amy had to hold the back of her pants to keep her from dashing out to play with the birds.

After the parade was over, we decided that it would be fun to go to the gift shop, and let the girl pick out one of the cute stuffed penguins we'd seen earlier, to take home with her. Baby girl could care less about the four stuffed birds Mommy held out for her to pick from... She had her eye on the souvenir pen holder with the penguins that floated inside of it.

That's what we get for thinking a two-year-olds idea of "cool" is the same as ours.


Nance said...

I used to think I wanted someone to write a musical score for the movie of my life. Now, I think I want my own artist to sketch the best moments...maybe me cleaning out bottom of the refrigerator during the interval while I wait for my home-brew hair color to set under its plastic cap.

Where on earth do they have a penguin parade?! I hate I missed that!

kingcoyote said...

Ha-ha-ha! Thanks Nance! Sometimes it's hard to pick out what I think are the best/most important moments of the week.

The St. Louis zoo does it every sunday in the winter, it's pretty cool.