Sunday, February 21, 2010

More work for Hex Games: Waxmans Warriors

Hi! I hope everybody had a good week. Mine was long, and a little tiring and frustrating. Tomorrow starts a new one though, with new possibilities. Looking forward to that.

This week, I have the cover image that I did for another game by the guys at Hex, "Waxmans Warriors". It's a satirical adventure based on the cartoon religious tracts of Jack Chick. I read a lot of these during the research phase of this project, and was really struck by how... mean they are. That's really neither here nor there, just an observation.

So, here are three images. The first is the pencils that I sent to Steve Johnson over at Hex for initial approval. The character is "Giant Glowing Jesus", a 25 foot tall robot Jesus that guards the gates of heaven. His character would be played by Viggo Mortensen if they ever made a movie of "Waxmans Warriors". Steve's only suggestion was that I add in St. Hubbins, the patron saint of quality footwear, to give a sense of scale.
...So I did. The next step is inking. Pretty straight-forward line work inking. I've been looking at some stuff on the interweb, trying to expand my inking repertoire, and have found a couple of things that I'm going to try out on the next project.
The final step was to take it all into photoshop and color it up! I'm really pretty happy with how the clouds came out.

Until next time, take care and be good!
Your friend,


Nance said...

Please, don't ask me not to comment on the Giant Glowing Jesus thing...sounds like a South Park episode to me. There's a billboard that's planted firmly in the middle of the undocumented-worker ghetto in our town; it's shows a giant, Schwarzenegger-style Jesus...against a background of flames. You can't make this stuff up. Your Jesus is a pansy next to this guy, but the billboard deity is not nearly so artistically drawn. Your clouds beat his flames all, hell.

kingcoyote said...

Ha-ha-ha! Just wait till next week. This one's just a warm up. I don't think I could post this kind of thing without expecting to take a certain amount of flak... you're right though, the whole idea is pretty juvenile. It's supposed to be though, I think. It seems like sometimes we take ourselves so seriously that we don't really realize how silly we're being. Ha-ha-ha! Thanks for commenting, I always enjoy hearing from you!

Joshua LH Burnett said...

Damn, that's some fine stuff.

Nance said...

Off topic: you've got a question waiting for an answer on my blog. Lady asks, "How did you choose Red Herring as your name?" Drop a comment there to answer her when you have a chance.