Thursday, April 28, 2011

100 Themes: Seeking Wisdom

If you had told me twenty-years ago that I would rarely play video games when I grew up, I'd have called you a liar. The thing is, games have changed over the years. There's still a couple a year that I pick up and enjoy playing, but rarely with the rabid fervor that I did when I was a kid. I'm just not that into driving and shooting games.

The last 4 game systems that I actually bought though, were for "The Legend of Zelda". The classic tale of the young man, facing impossible odds to save the princess and the world? Who couldn't love that? I don't remember what the wise woman that lived beyond the lost woods had to say to young Link anymore, but I do remember being frustrated with learning the pattern to get through them.

Next up is "Break Away". Until then, take care and be good!
Your friend,


justin hunter said...

Great stuff. Themes I'm interested in seeing - hindsight, the 3 a.m. rule, dropkick me Jesus, the spinning mind, bait and switch, under the stairs, the lost moment, sweet bliss, lust for life, the anvil, lightspeed, death to death, go left young man, un skinny bop, the untheme, father knows best, mother knows best, kids know best

Red Herring Jeff said...

This has just become the 118 themes challenge...You're killing me Mr. Hunter.

Keith said...

What is that saying about time to put away childish things ? It always amazes me how those games can steal hours of your life one minute, and then the next you can't be arsed to even switch them on.

Badger said...

Hey Jeff, hadn't sat down and read your blog in a while. Really interesting and cool, great motivation too and you really seem to be enjoying it. I wonder how common it is to feel like uni didn't deliver what it said. Saw your influence map, interestingly we met Brian Froud a few weeks ago, the man is lovely and very down to earth.

Glad you are well KC!