Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daily Life 025: Ice Skating

The other day, we watched the movie "Ice Princess" starring Joan Cusack and Michelle Trachtenberg. The movie is about a physics student who begins a project based on ice skating for a scholarship competition, and as she learns more about skating by applying what she learns, finds that she really loves skating.
About half-way through the movie as I'm making dinner in the kitchen, I check on the girls and Abby is spinning in the living room. She say's "Look daddy! I'm ice 'kating!" Ha-ha-ha! So I help her with some more spins, and then we pretend to do some other of the other tricks (is that the right word?) from the skating portions of the movie. Now, any time she's posing with one food behind her, she tells me to "look at her ice 'kating moves."


Nance said...

You're building a fabulous 2012 calendar here--the one I'm going to buy in November, right?!

Love her big-little feet.

Red Herring Jeff said...

So I'm on track for a November release, Nance! I think I learned my lesson this year. Ha-ha-ha! Thanks!

Also, "Winters Bone" finally came up in my reserve queue, at the library. Great movie! It's a little scary how many people I actually know that could've been in that movie... Small town Missouri can be kind of, um... interesting.

Beyond that, it's simply amazing to me what some people can go through without buckling under. I get the feeling from the little news that I actually hear, that more and more of us are going to be sorely tested in the near future.

Keith said...

Sweet. ( In a Hallmark kinda way rather than a Napoleon Dynamite kinda way. )

Oh, and the verification word was BOUNCE !

Red Herring Jeff said...

Sometimes I wonder where the program generates the verification word from.

Thanks for stopping in Keith. Yeah, that kid is pretty sweet. (in both the Hallmark and Napoleon Dynamite ways)