Thursday, November 22, 2007

Day five of one-hundred

I guess it seems kind of retarded to feel like I gave to do two posts today to make up for missing yesterday... It kind of feels like I'm posting into the void, but I think it's important to stay up with this. And the point is that hopefully people will read it. Maybe someday, I'll actually have something interesting or funny to say. Ha-ha!

Okay. I crammed this one in right before bed, and rushed it so I could just be done with it. On the one hand, that was fine because at least I got it done. On the other hand, looking at especially this one, but also these first four as a set, they seem unfinished, and more importantly unprofessional. Doing it is part of the point, but just doing it to do it isn't going to get me where I'm going. It's like going on a trip with flat tires... You'll get there, but you'll have wrecked rims, and get terrible gas mileage doing it.

I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving (or Thursday for those of you not in the states), and I'll talk at you again tomorrow.

Your friend

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