Monday, November 26, 2007

Self Portrait Nine of One-Hundred

Another ball-point pen drawing. I love the way ball-point just glides across the surface of the paper. Another thing I love about it is making little squiggly marks. This frustrates some of my friends, because it makes my drawings look kind of "hairy", and it's a bad habit.

There's nothing really special to say about this drawing, except that I think it's a pretty good one, and I enjoyed doing it. Again, I think this one's headed in the right direction. The little swirrlies coming out of my ear were fun, but they don't really serve a purpose... I don't think they really even add anything as a graphic element. Just doodles to put off going to bed, I guess.

Take care and be good you guys, and I'll talk at you tomorrow!
Your friend

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