Friday, November 23, 2007

Day six of one-hundred

Ugh... I thought this one was pretty okay at first. But I think it was the super-cool background I was reacting to. Boy, what a stinker. This one, though, is illustrating some particular issues. The main one is that I sometimes am just not paying attention. This leads into the other issues. Formulaic drawing (I know the nose goes here, and the eyes are here... let's just do this and get it done.) and using props to say that I got a likeness...

By that I mean that I wear glasses with black frames, my hair is short(ish), I have a large unruley mustache, sometimes a beard, and I have earrings. So putting these props together on a generally egg shaped head means that I did a portrait of me, right?

Really, this is more of what I was talking about yesterday about being professional, and turning out more professional looking drawings. I'll work more on it tomorrow.

Thanks for stoppin' in again, and I'll have more to show and tell tomorrow!
Your friend

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guggenmaneuver said...

sometimes it's lonely in blogland, but let me be the first to say, Go red herring go go go! keep on rockin and poppin!