Sunday, April 27, 2008

Self Portraits 34 and 35 of 100

Hey guys!

I gots a couple of new portraits here. It's been kind of hectic around here the past week or so, because Abby was finally born! I never would have believed that I could've had a hand in making such a beautiful little girl.

Here's a quicky line drawing. I had some idea of where I wanted to go with it, but it's been over a week, and I've forgotton. The only thing bad that I have to say about it is that my eyes are too big. Still... I think I'm getting better and faster.
I got my new pen for the tablet that jason gave me. I got to tell you that the larger work surface is sooooo awesome! I still have to install the driver software so that all the functions work properly, but so far I'm very excited about the level of control that the larger work surface allows. This was just a quicky to try out the new pen... maybe about 30 minutes blocking in the major forms and whot not. I didn't really have time to go back and refine anything at the time.

Okay kids! That's it for today. I'll try to get back again soon, but until then take care and be good!
Your friend

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