Sunday, August 2, 2009

Time: I think I'm pretty much finished

Or at least I'm moving on to something else for now.

It seems like it's taken just forever... To be fair to us all, I'm the only one who's really seen most of the trial and error steps, where I just wasn't sure where to go with it, and a couple of times really made a mess of things (Thank goodness for being able to work in layers, LOL). I was reading Zach Fransen's (from Portland Studios) blog the other day, and he said something that reminded me of this drawing:

"Justin told me not to post progress before I’ve completed a piece. That way if it goes off the tracks I won’t look stupid, ... ...I’m putting my dignity at risk and telling you to come back for the finished piece."

I do wonder if people checking my blog question my professionalism when months go by of little changes in a (seemingly) neverending series of progress images. I learned a lot from this picture, and doing it. It took a long time, but it was personal time which by nessessity takes a back seat to time spent making dollars to feed my family. I hope you all didn't mind the journey, and I've taken some steps to insure that there will be at least some new content every week, starting tomorrow.

If you have a minute, please let me know what you think. I will continue to post progress pictures too, but will try to keep it from taking months and months to show something finished.

New Segment "Daily Life" starts tomorrow, so stay tuned! Until then, take care and be good.
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